A Good Chair

Everyone needs a good chair, one you can call YOUR chair, the one so clearly marked as yours that nobody else dare sits in it lest they be struck down by lightning. Only the dog may sit near this chair, but only to grovel at its feet.

It could be the chair you come home to sit and have a nice glass of scotch, to smoke your tobacco of choice, to sleep the afternoon away, or perhaps just to ponder the days events.

Or maybe youre Camille Renault and you need a good sturdy 1940s French club chair to think about your latest artwork.... maybe not.

However, even if you arent Camille, we regularly have an amazing selection of original 1940s French Leather club chairs in stock, in a variety of shades ranging from dark Oxblood red to the blondest of caramel tones.

 I know if my flat had the space, you can bet Id have both of these two in a heartbeat. I have to agree with my colleague Paul that these are indeed the sexiest chairs we have had in the shop. Just dont tell Mr. Renault we stole his.


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