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My last post about the wishlist has worked out well! We are getting more requests than ever on the website for items, which is always a good thing, so keep it up!

We havent had a party here in a few months (the last one being the hugely successful performance of A Christmas Carol with local OC resident actor Paul Ham with his Define Choice crew), and we are definitely due for one! I mentioned in an earlier post about an upcoming art exhibition with local artist Suz Hartman, and it's officially on! Suz's new work reminds me of paintings created by artists in New York from the 1950s- 1980s.

 'Secret Embrace' Suz Hartman

 Jean Michael Basquiat (New York Neo-Expressionist)

She seems inspired by the softness of  Willem DeKooning,  the bright colours of Jean Michael Basquiat, and the thick bold lines of Franz Kline, whilst creating paintings that are entirely her own. Hartman's new work has a hard edge yet is very delicate and feminine somehow, which is great to see since the genres of Abstract Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism were almost entirely male dominated. It's fantastic that she can combine the two strengths to make her work so impacting. It would look great in front of your steel tanker desk, or next to your french painted plank top table. Fantastic!

'Take Me To The Stars' Suz Hartman

'Waking Up In The Morning' Suz Hartman

The Private View will be on Thursday 22nd April 2010 6-9pm.
Exhibition continues 23rd April to 2nd May 2010.

I hope you can make it out! 
For more info about Suz, click here 

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