Ah yes, very philosophical questions to wax on for a bit, and ones we get all the time in the shop. I can easily solve this perpetual riddle for you: they are artists. Thanks for asking, and let me know if I can be of further assistance! Kidding.

To be perfectly honest, I knew very little about Shepard Fairey until a couple years ago, except for the fact that he made that iconic OBEY print of a blown up Andre The Giants' face, and a lot of indie kids loved his work. Before I moved to London, I hadn't a clue who Patrick Thomas was, and regularly had customers in the shop asking for a bio of both artists. Naturally I drew a blank.

I wont get into a long dialogue about these guys (for the simple reason that Wikipedia will do that for you), but I will give you enough info to satisfy your curiosity and help you understand who they are, why they are relevant, and why their prints can be pricey.

Shepard Fairey started his artwork career based around the skateboard scene over in America over 20 years ago. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, which is one of the absolute top arts schools to get into in the States. His most recognizable work used to be that of Andre The Giant (above), but during the last presidential election, things changed:

After this print came out, Shepard Fairey pretty much became a household name. His screenprints sell out within hours and their value only increases with time. We currently have a huge Andre print in shop, as well as some other very hard to find limited editions, as well as one open edition print. Prices range from £200-700 and have been professionally framed.

Patrick Thomas is British and was born in Liverpool. He studied at Saint Martins School of Art (which again is one of the best Universities to get into) and The Royal College of Art in London, before relocating to Barcelona in 1991. As far as I know, the owner of the Old Cinema found his work at an art fair years ago. His most well known work in our shop is the Che Guevara face created from corporate logos. We are beginning to now sell out of his work, so the prices are going up...

And last but not least, we had a special visit from Brighton-based band The Maccabees yesterday, who were doing a bit of filming in our shop! Here's a photo of a couple of the chaps doing their thing on some art deco furniture:

For more info about the Maccabees and to hear some of their tunes visit:



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