Greetings once again from the mind of the Yankee. Unless you are living under a rock or in America (hey, I'm allowed to say it!), chances are high that your eyes have been glued to the television watching the World Cup. I have to be honest, I'm still gloating about last weeks draw against England, amongst all my English co-workers. They deserve it after months of abuse since the group was announced. 
So I sure hope your boys aren't losing grip! Perhaps this training guide will help you out in today's match against Algeria:

      To keep your spirits high, I present to you this ultra-rare, gorgeous 1940's French football table. This one has all the bells and whistles: Bakelite handles, steel nets with pins at the back that go 'ching!' when you score a goal, hand painted metal men, and even the property nameplate that it originally came from. The photos don't lie, this table is championship material!

I also thought I would include my new favorite items in the shop at the moment, these original vintage bus blinds which have been professionally framed. We will continue to receive different bus blinds as current stock sells through.

Good luck to both England and America in today's game, and that neither of us gets caught lying down on the job!

See you in the shop,



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