The Old Cinema would like to welcome new dealer Paul Donaldson, who specializes in fine glass dating from the 18th century to the 1930's. His pieces are located in the new cabinet area on the ground floor. Be sure to stop by and have a look, as many of the pieces are very rare and truly stunning.

We also have some new artwork in the shop. Famie Fairnie is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins and has a few of her screen prints up around the shop. They are proving to be rather popular and don't last long on the walls!

We also have this awesome artwork by Paige Chou, which can only truly be appreciated when seen up close. It reminds me very much of Hieronymous Boschs' artwork, which is full of small details to make up a greater image. "Epic" is the word that comes to mind.

One final note, the boss has gone back to the USA to collect more vintage goodies, only this time they will be bringing back twice as much as before! It should arrive here by mid October, fingers crossed!

Hope to see you in the shop soon.



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