Get ready to brace yourself for the cold winter ahead.  Snow is about to hit Scotland and North-east England, soon to be heading our way.  I'm absolutely gagging for it to come and have checked various weather forecasts (you have to check more than one if the first doesn't give you the news you want to hear) for the last 5 days.  I know for a fact that I'm going to be straight out my front door when the snow reaches London, eager to have a good old play.

At The Old Cinema we've got a great selection of sledges and snow shoes to have some fun with so put on your scarf and gloves, find a hill and see who can get to the bottom first!
If staying inside and keeping out of the cold is more your thing we have plenty of festive goodies for you to take home with you.  I particularly like these toy sacks. They'd look great in a playroom or under the Christmas tree and can be used all year round!
 Whatever you end up doing, wrap up warm and have fun!

 -Sofie x


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