The past week has brought us some of my favourite 20th century pieces from Germany and Austria. Both countries were renowned for their ability to create beautiful objects and combine them with reliability and practicality, a tradition that continues to this day. I'm a huge fan of all things Bauhaus, and this iconic 1940's lamp designed by Christian Dell for the Kaiser Group ticks all the right boxes.

In the 1950's, German artist Walter Bosse began working in brass and created a very large collection of animal sculptures for Hagenauer, and also with Herta Baller. While most of the creatures were there for aesthetic purposes only, some possessed a simple function, such has holding a pipe or small objects. Such is the case with this little bull, whose tail is meant to hold all of your rings. Genius!

An oddity in the trio, this 1960s lamp was produced by Johann Richter Jr., and was originally intended for use as a sunlamp. Now highly polished and with updated wiring, this lamp would look fantastic on your desk or bedside table!



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