Fit for a (future) King

With the Royal Wedding approaching, we thought of some great gift ideas that we'd love to share with the soon-to-be newlyweds.  Of course these items would look equally grand in your home, be it a palace or a studio flat! Some of these items are one-offs, made especially to celebrate, so don't miss out!

The image above is a giclee print by Keith Haynes available in 2 sizes, £85 and £115 - limited edition of only 20! This 1970's upcycled chest of drawers by Lucy Turner has a very special detail on the white drawer. Check out the close-up photo!

     This vintage style tin crown would look great in your garden!

     This antique ivory chess set would certainly make a for a special royal gift...

     Or you could be enjoying your tea in these vintage Coronation mugs whilst watching the festivities on April 29th...

     And last but not least, we have a few different designs of union jack trunks for storing all of your commemorative pieces, and who couldn't do without a flag or two? We have some very special vintage examples stored away that we will be bringing out very soon.


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