From the men's room of a seedy American dive bar, this vintage vending machine once offered a variety of life-changing sex toys. It's original contents might have made good stocking fillers this Christmas but unfortunately it was empty on arrival at The Old Cinema.  At least we are left with some amazing retro graphics and cheeky slogans to cheer you up this winter.  Check it out... xx


We are proud to announce that on Thursday 8th December we will host our annual late night Christmas shopping event, a special evening featuring the very unique 'One Hour Plays' by The Matey Institute. You the audience can participate in this interactive piece of theatre! Come and enjoy drinks and nibbles from 5pm, performance at 7pm, we will be open until 9pm.

We hope you will join us!

- Adam

Drawing ever closer to the holiday season, The Old Cinema is once again preparing for its annual late night Christmas shopping event.  This year we will be featuring the 'One Hour Plays' by the Matey Institute, where an entire performance including the storyline and costumes are created and performed within 60 minutes. The actors rely on your guidance to create the story, and as soon as the first suggestion is uttered, the countdown begins! The script will be projected onto the wall in real time, and a seamstress will be on hand using a vintage Singer sewing machine, just to add to the excitement.

The performance begins at 7pm and will run for an hour of course! Drinks and nibbles will be provided, and we will be open until 9pm. More details will be available near the end of the month.

For more info on The One Hour Plays, please visit:

We hope to see you then!

The 'Rag and Bone Man' was the name given to traders who once travelled the city streets collecting used and unwanted scraps to turn into saleable products. A pioneer of upcycling, The Rag and Bone Man is a vintage upcycling company that sources old, unwanted parts from various machinery around east London to create fabulous lighting and seating. Some of the parts come from vintage motorcycles and tractors, as well as mechanic's tools which would have been used to repair these now defunct machines.

     The detailing on each piece is superb. The lamps are fitted with brand new cloth covered wires that resemble spark plug wiring. The pieces are lacquered to protect them from corrosion, and even the welds are aged to create a uniform look.
     Each lamp has its own unique operational functions, including ratcheting spanners to adjust angle and height. All of the parts are still useable, so if you fancy getting your old BSA up and running again, the shades can be reused for your engine casing covers!
 Every piece comes with its own unique ID number and date of production, which are hand stamped!

This stool was designe using parts from many different sources, including a vintage tractor, machinery pulleys and gears, water pipes and bicycle pedals to create a truly unique look.We have all of these pieces available in the shop, and they really should be seen to truly be appreciated!

For more information, please visit their website and blog:

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