If this gloomy British weather is getting you down, don’t despair as the weekend forecast promises a much needed burst of sunshine! Why not celebrate with a spot of shopping and pop down to the store to see our latest industrial goods. This unusual floor lamp is sure to be a talking point in any interior. The heavy base is made from a water valve once used to control the mains water supply beneath the bustling London streets of Victorian Britain. It contrasts beautifully with the elegant curve of the street light whilst the 1930’s lamp gives this light its own kooky character.

If you’re looking to add real character to your living space why not consider this industrial shelving unit. Maybe you’re after a new place to store books or a unique way to display shoes. Whatever the purpose these shelves made from an old Victorian mangle will add vintage charm to your living space. So make sure you come down this weekend to check these beauties out because, like the sunshine, they may not be around for long!        

It's a complicated world these days so it's tempting to feel nostalgic for the cold war era, especially when you can buy relics as chic as these large industrial steel panels! Sourced from an eastern European army base, these Kafkaesque panels look great as visual art, or in the kitchen as a magnet panel for all of your to-do lists. We have many available with different numbers and levels of rust, so you can choose which one would suit your Lenin photo best!  Only £60 each during the July Sale.  And if you really want to get into the spirit of things then check out these 1950s US Government issue Emergency Water Cans to stock up your Nuclear Shelter.  Drink at your own risk! 

Our Summer Sale is now on.  All items are included in the sale,with reductions up to 30%
Sale prices are not listed on the website so please enquire for more information.

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