Every December, The Old Cinema opens for a single night of late night shopping, drinks, and a very special performance. This year, we had the pleasure of hosting Define Choice's ‘Guns, Love, and Chemistry’, a dramatic and comedic adaptation of three short stories by Anton Chekov. After being warmed up by some bubbly, everybody squeezed into a very full back room of the shop, not entirely sure what to expect. Three boxes were offered to us, each one containing an object representing each of the three plays. After each play was selected, the group sprang into action using minimal props along the way.
     Stellar performances came from each cast member on the night. Although the tone throughout each performance was largely comedic and light hearted, writer and fellow cast member Paul Ham managed to intertwine serious and intimate moments throughout all three performances. Graham Dickson played both a convincing French arms dealer and later a drunken army Captain (although not at the same time!). Brendan Murphy moved seamlessly between not-so-secret lover, soldier and oddball assistant, and the lovely Fleur Keith showed a fantastic ability to charm, annoy and enrage, in this case sometimes all a the same time! We aren't the only ones who enjoyed the show, as it has already received a rave review by Lizzie Kirkwood which you can check out here.
     The play is carrying on from tonights performance at Frenchs' Theatre Bookshop (which is now sold out, if that’s anything to go by! ) until the 16th of December. Tickets must be booked in advance at www.definechoice.co.uk. This play is not to be missed! 



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