So German Football descends upon London this weekend and as big football fans here at The Old Cinema we thought we should offer you something to aid the celebrations.

These sets of German 'Beer' Benches and Table sets are great for hosting your own Champions League Party.

And with BBQ season almost upon us these are a great purchase for the garden and also fold away easily, just in case the weather turns sour....unlikely I know.

We only have a dozen of these bench sets so visit us over the bank holiday weekend to get your name on the scoresheet.

This week at the Old Cinema we are pleased to bring you a trio of chests originally produced by Waring & Gillows for the Natural History Museum. These beautifully Upcycled storage banks contain a myriad of individually painted drawers, perfectly suited to protect and access documents of varying sizes.   

Originally housed in the working rooms of London’s Natural History Museum, banks of drawers with varying sizes were commissioned as built in storage for the archives. The organization of specimens and samples has contributed to the vast knowledge base acquired by the museum since its birth in 1881.

Since their departure they have been lovingly Upcycled by two artists from Richmond; Alan King and Jamie Fennell, who have re-built the outer carcasses and used retro colours to re-imagine these chests in a Bauhaus style. We are pleased to offer these Upcycled originals, which truly demonstrate a marriage of form and function. 

‘Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order’ – Victor Papanek

This week at the Old Cinema we are pleased to highlight two beautiful pieces of European Art Deco furniture from the early 20th century. Both of these lustrous sideboards feature distinctive walnut burl veneers that wrap seamlessly around the faces of the furniture emphasizing the symmetrical patterns inherent in the wood grain.

From Minerva Antiques: A unique Art Deco Sideboard by Laszlo Hoenig, known in his time as ‘a classic designer in a modern world’ his furniture is often described as a contemporary interpretation of a classical style. Resting on hand carved legs the casement is constructed from solid hardwood with butterfly Walnut veneered fronts, which are hand made using a book matching technique known as four-way matching.

The 2nd piece, from the 1930’s but originating from Austria is a three door Biedermeier walnut sideboard with book matched veneers, featuring a marble pull out/insert slab and original keys. This fantastically modern interpretation of the Biedermeier styling has been re-imagined as sideboard and would be well received in a dining room setting. 

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