Or even better, these huge LOVE letters from France.  Each letter is about a meter high and wide.

The set comes at £950.  Easily our favourite product of the week, but we've had lots of new things arrive this afternoon so if you are thinking of visiting this weekend you chose a great time!   

Enjoy the sunshine.


Going Away!

Hello again!

First off, a special thanks to resident media man Will Hanness for throwing a new blog onto the site. At the moment, he is abroad Stateside with the head honcho collecting new goods for the shop, and this is the lorry (I mean, Semi Truck) that it's all arriving in!

Speaking of America, I  myself am headed out for two weeks to visit family. But before I go, I thought I'd leave you with some new goods that I particularly appreciate.

 First off is this insane chair. It was taken from a 1960s airplane, had all of its' upholstery removed and the entire frame hand-polished. It certainly could pass for a work of art now!

Next is this special wall mounted cabinet. There is a special way to open it, but I'm not telling how! You will have to take a visit to the first floor to find out...

And finally are these vintage cinema posters. We have about four of them at the moment but they will not last long.

See you in a couple weeks.


Welcome to our new homepage!  It now offers quick access to the latest stock and blog posts, hope you like the new look!  We'd like to thank everyone who visited the store in the past 10 days to see Suz Hartman's exhibition, it was great to add a splash of colour to all the industrial steel furniture.

We plan to have some more shows in the future and have started talking with other artists interested in hanging their work amongst our displays.  If you would like to participate get in touch!

Attention now turns to restocking for the summer.  It's time for our biannual trip to America's rust-belt for more industrial vintage office furniture as well as a stopover in New York to buy those 1950's cocktail shakers and sets of glasses...

There is also a container of Indian arts, furniture and textiles due in any day now from David Edmonds...

And Gazelles of Lyndhurst, our Art Deco specialists, have returned from the fairs with some fabulous lounge sets including this luxurious 1930's chenil ottoman...

Finally, if you enjoy the theatre then why not catch the latest performance from our very own Paul Ham.  His new scratch play, Lush Life, is on at the Canal Cafe Theatre from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th May.  Click here for more details

- Will

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