Our summer sale ends Sunday 1st August so you only have this weekend to get some great deals.  I chose some items I particularly love that are not to be missed!
First we have this RARE 1950's American polished steel chest of drawers with bakelite handles, originally £825, reduced to £690

This original 1930's art deco dressing table is also extremely rare with a fantastic design. Originally £2350, now £1900

A favorite piece of mine in the shop currently is this striking aluminium 1920's apothecary clock with 8 day winding movement. The clock keeps perfect time! Amazingly reduced from £350 to £180!

This is an absolutely stunning mahogany chest of drawers from the early Victorian era. The colour and craftsmanship is outstanding, and at a price of £650 (originally £875), it will not last.

This 1950's chair has a very rare shape and has been reupholstered in a fantastic black fabric. This chair is extremely comfortable, and has been reduced from £650 to £550 in the sale.

We just received dozens of new items in this week, so stop by, have a look around, and enjoy the last glittering end of the sale while you can!


The world of antiques is an area that I have not covered in the blog, until today. The word 'antique' gets thrown around quite often and is often misused. For any item to fall under the rubric of an antique, generally is at least 75 to 100 years old depending of the country of origin. Beauty, rarity, craftsmanship and location of manufacture (certain furniture makers were more valued than others) all add to the value of a piece. Although some items were produced on a large scale, the numbers were still very small compared today, and would-be makers usually had to apprentice at a furniture house, making miniatures of desks and chiffoniers before you were allowed to tackle a full scale piece.

When antique furniture was at its' peak, The Old Cinema sold it expressly, and many of you probably remember this if you were an adult in the 80's and early 90's! In the last decade however, prices have fallen dramatically for antiques, so now is the time to snap up a great deal. I have taken some photos of my favorite pieces in the shop from the Victorian (1860s-1890s) and Edwardian (early 1900s) eras:

This is a fine example of an early 1900's Edwardian two-seat sofa in mahogany, with highly detailed carvings and marquetry throughout. The upholstery is a peach satin, and is in perfect condition. 

This late Victorian writing desk is very unique for the fact that is veneered in burr walnut with satin inlay. What makes this desk different from others is that it includes a sewing basket beneath. The carved legs are highly and skillfully detailed. Desks like these always have interesting features such as hidden compartments inside the drawers!

Occasionally we receive antique wardrobes, but these are now becoming hard to find, especially in excellent condition. This mahogany three door unit with mirror was constructed in the mid-1800's, making it over 150 years old! The craftsmanship is exceptional.

 These are just a few items out of dozens that we carry on both the ground and first floors. None of the items I have shown you are more than £1500. If this were 1990, you would be paying at least double the price or more. We still carry antiques that date back to the early 1800's (Georgian) which we regularly have in stock.  Just to remind you, next July 31 is the last day of the sale so stop in!


Moving Around!

    With the sale continuing until the end of July, things have been very busy at the Old Cinema, but we always make time to help out the dealers who sell their items in the shop. We recently moved dealer Matt Black downstairs to the ground floor. Matt is responsible for the 1940's - 1960's football tables we sell, as well as a selection of rare leather club chairs. You may remember that his old stall was on the first floor, but here are some photos of his new space:

     Dealer Gwilym Davies also made a trip across to Belgium last week and has brought back some stunning examples of mid-century lighting. Take a look at these beautiful back lit mirrors and this massive sputnik style chandelier.

     You have two more weeks left of the sale, and with new things coming in every week, I'm sure you will find something you love at a killer price!

See you in the shop,



Almost every item in the shop has been marked down, in some cases up to 30% off. 

The sooner you make your way down to us the better, as the sale gets very busy and items vanish off the shop floor in the blink of an eye. We can’t reserve any items during the sale, so don't dawdle!

The sale lasts until the end of the month, but hopefully we will see you in the shop before then!

For those of you who watch TV, maybe you noticed The Old Cinema's Martin Hanness on BBC Mary Queen of Shops this week.  If you didn't catch it you can see it on BBC iPlayer here.  The episode features a grown man who never takes off his dressing gown, so worth a look! 

Enjoy the weekend x


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