This week has been spent unpacking hundreds of  martini glasses, cocktail shakers and what seems to be all of the silver-topped whisky tumblers from the set of Mad Men! The glassware arrived from America last week and will be located in various spots on the ground and first floors this weekend.  The glasses are sold in sets as small as a pair, up to sets of ten or even twelve, and would make an ideal gift for those of you ahead of the Christmas rush. As you can see from the photos below, you are spoilt for choice!

A healthy dose of industrial is on the menu for the weekend, following the arrival of our container.  The majority of the new stock is still pre-restoration, so if you like rust and peeling paint you're in luck!  We also have coke coolers, desk chairs and many more pieces of eye candy dotted around the shop with much more to come!

See you soon!


Check out these vintage chairs reupholstered with a colourful splash of patchwork fabric and trimmings.  The fabric is produced from the remnants of bolts of new fabric, thus saving waste.  The remnants are cut and hand-sewn together to create a bespoke design.  The chairs are midcentury and the fabric swatches limited,  so each is unique.  A stunning upcycled product, not to mention extremely comfortable!  Come in and try one for yourself!

English Fireplaces, who have 11 marble and limestone fire surrounds on display at The Old Cinema, are now offering every visitor to their website their guide to the 6 essential facts you must consider before buying a fire surround.  The free guide highlights potential threats to both the householders’ safety and the value of their property.  Request yours today and shine a bright light on the mysteries of fire surround purchase!

English Fireplaces offers a full range of hand carved marble, limestone and sandstone fireplaces that combine the finest quality with great value. 

The fireplaces are hand carved from purely natural materials to produce pieces of great elegance and beauty.

Models currently on display at The Old Cinema are listed here.


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