The Old Cinema is pleased to announce that a few pieces of ours have been featured in the latest 007 film, Skyfall. The vintage industrial chairs, supplied by Ines Cole, were used in one of the scenes featuring Bond (Daniel Craig), and the villain of the film Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem). As the films premier is tomorrow, we don't quite know the situation in the scene, and we are excited to find out! The chairs can be clearly scene in the full length trailer featured here.

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The theme for this years Halloween display harks back to the Victorian times when medical practices were still very much experimental.  The doctor that left this office behind was rather demented, with old rusty medical devices, ghoulish green and blood red chemicals, two headed skulls, and even an embalmed bat for good measure!
Hours were spent hand cutting the dozens of bats hanging from the ceiling, and we used an untouched, original Victorian mirror as found (dust and all!) to hang on the wall. An old oak hymns board provided the perfect backdrop for a 'Freakshow' style poster. We hope you enjoy looking at is as much as we did creating it!

We are very pleased to feature in Art Zip magazine (full website launching soon), the first bilingual contemporary art magazine dedicated to bringing together the world of art in the UK and China. Distributed in both countries, it showcases the current best in art and provides a unique insight into other sectors in the creative industry including fashion, design, music, advertising, architecture, cinema, and many more. Many thanks to Harry Liu for visiting us and including the shop in his article.

We're known for our diverse range of products, but this one lies firmly on the seedier end of the spectrum. This week The Old Cinema presents, in all its Technicolour glory, an original Italian film poster of the notorious 1972 porno, Deep Throat. It is enormous, measuring 1.5m high, and is the most graphic of all the international posters produced for the film. Located right at the entrance of the shop, this poster literally stops passers-by in their tracks!

If you find Linda a bit too 'lovely' for your home, we have another sweet treat this time from the USA. An original 1950s confectionary machine converted to bathroom cabinet. We removed all the inner mechanics and replaced it with glass shelves and a new coat of paint. The cabinet has brackets for wall hanging.

                         Both items will add a bit of sugar in your life, whichever you choose!

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