Get ready to brace yourself for the cold winter ahead.  Snow is about to hit Scotland and North-east England, soon to be heading our way.  I'm absolutely gagging for it to come and have checked various weather forecasts (you have to check more than one if the first doesn't give you the news you want to hear) for the last 5 days.  I know for a fact that I'm going to be straight out my front door when the snow reaches London, eager to have a good old play.

At The Old Cinema we've got a great selection of sledges and snow shoes to have some fun with so put on your scarf and gloves, find a hill and see who can get to the bottom first!
If staying inside and keeping out of the cold is more your thing we have plenty of festive goodies for you to take home with you.  I particularly like these toy sacks. They'd look great in a playroom or under the Christmas tree and can be used all year round!
 Whatever you end up doing, wrap up warm and have fun!

 -Sofie x

Sofie here! Well, I must have done OK on my first blog as I've been allowed to do another.  This time I'm having a look at Christmas gifts for the girls.
I found this lovely Nickle Plated Brass Jugendstil jewellery casket - it gets very annoying when you have jewellery but nothing to keep it in!
No worries though, if the lady in question already owns a jewellery box, we've got a vast array of things to fill it with.  I particularly like these necklaces and earrings that have been Upcycled from watch parts.

Now it may come as a surprise to a lot of men reading this but women do appreciate presents that aren't jewellery, especially if its all she's received from you for the last couple of Birthdays and Christmas'. So mix it up a little. We've got plenty of non-glittery gift items that may tickle your fancy...

There's no denying it, living in England, you can be sure that the next few months will be cold, dark and wet. Brighten her day with some great Vintage or Retro lighting!

Another favorite of mine are these cushions. I love the French Grain sack style ones and lets face it, you can't go wrong with a cushion. We've also got cushions made from Vintage materials depending on your taste, as well as plenty of quilts in a variety of styles.
These framed airbrushed advertisement artworks are brilliant and would look good either on their own or as a set depending on which you'd prefer or how much space you have.

Another thing that'd look great around any home are these tin pigs and they're smaller than real pigs so could make an unusual stocking filler!

See you in the shop!
Sofie x

One of our vintage crates was lucky enough to be involved in a photo shoot this week!  It has returned to the shop demanding Evian at room temperature and an hourly re-wax.  Come and take it off our hands this weekend for £38...

See more equipment shirts at

Hey Sofie here, I'm writing the first blog post of my internship!  So with Christmas coming up, and being young and female, I'm offering some inspiration on gifts for the men in your life.  Friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, and girlfriends everywhere ask 'What do you want for Christmas?' and get the typical male grunt in response.

I've been rooting around The Old Cinema picking out possible mantique presents and I've come up trumps! Whether he's been naughty or nice, here's some of the things I like.

1950's Cocktail shakers and glasses and Mad Men style tumblers are great for partygoers.  Or, pretend you care about his love for sport and please him with one of our Upcycled sport themed lamps. 

For a more antique feel we have an extensive range of Victorian writing boxes, chess sets, and other collectables.  A particular favourite piece of mine is this Bignell Walnut Stationery Cabinet (C.1860)

The selection of Upcycled and vintage cufflinks would make great stocking fillers!
Or if he fancies himself as a rockstar this black globe or a mirror made from a section of a Boeing 737 would be perfect!

As you can see there are plenty of pieces to choose from so use the next 43 days (yes, scary isnt it?) wisely and pop in to The Old Cinema to see what you can find!

-Sofie Greenwood

A trip to America would not have been possible without something to pack all of the goods in, so we brought back some classic pieces of vintage storage, weathered and aged to perfection. These suitcases, travelling trunks and drinks coolers would look great as part of your next holiday!  A very limited supply of the hand painted union jack military traveling trunks are available, and are ideal for blankets, shoes or whatever you fancy hiding away for the journey ahead. 

 These aluminium cases by ZERO Halliburton are recognized worldwide as being extremely tough and incredibly stylish. Unfortunately ours don't have £50,000 inside, so you'll have to provide that on your own!

We have a good selection of vintage drinks coolers, including one that is lime green! 


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