We have a terrifying collection of relics from abandoned hospitals and mental asylums. In America, these derelict institutions were often converted to haunted houses for local entertainment - I never had the courage to visit them during the Halloween season! Our display includes a vintage classroom skeleton, which has been upcycled into a feature display light, using LED's in the eyes and spinal column. There is a dentist's chair, medical cabinet, anatomy poster and St. Pauls Hospital sign. We even have a very early 20th century set of syringes and dozens of French chemists bottles. Creepy!

 This upcycled chandelier was created using a massive Pyrex chemical vial turned upside down!

 If you are planning your own Halloween display or party, all of these items, as well as these vintage glove moulds, are available to purchase. See you in the shop!

     This week The Old Cinema received its latest US shipment. The 40 foot container arrived and was packed full of fantastic pieces of vintage Americana. I've already spotted some fantastic industrial desks, tables and storage units, as well as dozens of vintage crates, chairs and much more tucked away in boxes, yet to be unpacked (I had a peek and found two mint condition 1940's black typewriters in full working order!). From now until Christmas, we will also be unpacking some fantastic vintage American glassware for the holiday festivities soon to come.

See you in the shop,


The desk of a lifetime. Designed by Stephen Burrows and created using the parts of a British Aerospace model 146, this incredible piece of  upcycled  furniture nears artwork status. Each part of the aluminium frame was stripped of its original paint and laboriously hand polished to a mirror-like finish. The 1cm glass is hand cut to match the streamlined, aerodynamic shape of the airplane and finished with a polished edge. The desk is on castors for ease of movement.

Stephen creates many other fantastic pieces of upcycled furniture and accessories with an aerodynamic theme, including coffee tables and mirrors from the panels of 747 jumbo jets. His space is located on the first floor of our shop. Alternatively, please visit his website at www.stephenburrows.co.uk

If you are considering replacing the fireplace in your home, then look no further than English Fireplaces, whose London showroom is located on the first floor of The Old Cinema. Displaying with us for over 5 years, English Fireplaces will not only provide you with your fireplace, they manage your project from start to finish. From the initial surveyors inspection to complete installation, English Fireplaces guide you every step of the way.

     English Fireplaces carry a wide variety of fireplace surrounds, and have approximately 200 in stock at any given time, allowing them to have your fireplace installed within one week. Can't see a surround that suits you? Perhaps you have seen an original Victorian surround in a friends home and would love to have it in yours? English Fireplaces can create any surround you desire.

     All of English Fireplaces surrounds, inserts and baskets come with a guarantee. If you change your mind, all items can be returned for a full refund in their unused condition. Whether you are near London or Hampshire, please come and see us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, have a look at English Fireplaces website: www.englishfireplaces.co.uk

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