The Old Cinema would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas! We are away for the Christmas weekend doing a bit of our own celebrating, and our hours for the rest of the year are listed below:


25th- 28th - Closed

Wednesday 29th - 10am - 5pm

Thursday 30th - 10am - 5pm

Friday 31st - 10am - 5pm


Saturday 1st - CLOSED

Sunday 2nd - 12 - 5pm

Monday 3rd - 12-5pm

Normal hours after the 3rd

See you soon!

    If I were to ask you what a reeded baluster leg is, would you be able to point one out to me in The Old Cinema? How about spotting the difference between a Davenport and a Bureau, or what Coromandel is? Not to worry if you don't, as all will be revealed in the Antique Alphabet, a mini series we cooked up to shed some light on the world of Antiques.  Each post will follow the alphabet and focus on a few items from the antiques world that correspond with each letter.


Most agree that an antique is any item at least 100 years old and made with skilled hands. which now includes items up to 1910. The items value is dependent on its' maker,  materials used, level of attention to details, and rarity. We carry items as old as the mid 18th century (around 1770), and the craftsmanship that went into some of these pieces is incredible.  Prices are at their lowest in years for antiques, so now is the time to buy.


Bow Fronted Chest:
Extremely popular in Georgian and early Victorian times, bow fronted chests of drawers are easily recognized by their curved front and simple features. Because of their practicality, they are still very popular. They are generally made of mahogany and lined with either mahogany, oak or pine. Some have simple inlay details surrounding the drawers as well.

Burr Woods:
Burred  (or burled in America) wood is a deformity in the tree that is easily spotted by large amounts of knots, or burrs. It is often found in woods such as Maple, Yew, Walnut, and Amboyna, and used as a veneer on valuable pieces of furniture. Due to the rarity of finding burred woods, prices are often very high. Below are a few items in our shop that have burred wood applied to them.


Coromandel Wood:
A rare and exotic wood found in parts of Asia that consists of  both naturally occurring light and dark tones. It was mainly reserved for use on small antique items such as jewelry boxes. We currently have this stunning late Victorian model in the shop.

Card Table: 

Card tables date back from the early 18th century, and make a regular appearance in our shop. They are sometimes mistaken for console tables as they generally fold in half for ease of storage. The tabletop generally rotates sideways to reveal storage space for cards, poker chips and other items used during game play (a bottle of whisky would fit nicely when turned on its side!).

 I will be continuing the series throughout the new year and I hope you enjoy some hopefully newfound knowledge!


Come and join us next Thursday 16th December for Mulled Wine and a brilliant acoustic performance by local singer songwriter Stanley Moon!  The store will be open until 9pm, drinks served from 5pm. 

See you then!

We are proud to announce the arrival of Lucy Turner at The Old Cinema!  Lucy takes a fresh and inspiring approach by creating her own designs on formica and applying them to original pieces of mid-century furniture. The finished result is a perfect balance of contemporary and retro. You can see more of Lucy's pieces in the shop and on her website.  She has recently received high praise from Living Etc and Elle Decoration for her creative upcycling, and we are delighted to have her work on display - come and see it for yourself! 

- Adam x

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