As my 25th birthday is fast approaching this Sunday, I've decided that it's time for me to take a break from
all this blogging, and have asked shop assistant Nicola to be guest blogger this week. Let's see what she's
got in store for us...

Thanks Adam! Well I do have some very exciting news quite literally 'in-store' for you this week as The Old Cinema is proud to welcome a brand new section to the shop! Collectors 'Odditalia' are now taking proud position on the ground floor, and their display makes for some very exciting viewing! Their collection is full of all sorts of oddities (hence the name), from vintage and retro kitchenware to country-chic garden deco and traditional wicker hampers to jars full of vintage marbles...

Check out 'Odditalia's' classic British items, perfect for any tea party, including teapots kitted out in their own knitted tea-cosies, and a set of 'The Beatles' cups and saucers...

This precious corner of the store is bound to appeal to your curiosity, as it is packed full of little treasures for everyone. See what you discover on your next visit to The Old Cinema.

Love Nicola xx

For this weeks' blog, I thought it would be interesting to focus on the mid-century designs produced by the Italians. From the 1950's to the 1970's, Italy was famous for its' iconic interior designs (and of course everything else... Vespa, Ferrari, Marcello Mastroianni, etc.), and The Old Cinema currently has a few in stock. Although you may or may not recognize the names, the look is unmistakable.

This chrome multiple sphere wall light from the 1960's was produced by Reggiani, a company that founded itself in 1957, making this an early piece. Reggiani is still producing lights to this day.

This pair of  Martingala chairs just arrived today! They were designed by Marco Zanuso in 1954. Ours have been reupholstered in a very 50's black fabric and look stunning. The Martingala chair is still in production today, however originals such as ours are very rare.

Harvey Guzzini was another Italian designer who was famous for his 1960's plastic and metal light designs. These lights did not remain in production for long. The 1973 oil crisis trebled the cost of plastics, making them uneconomical to produce any longer. We have had various Guzzini designs over the years, and this lamp is one of the most iconic.

Until next time, see you in the shop.


We've been moving around again this week!  There is now a section only for display cabinets on the ground floor, with more to be added in the following weeks.

The cabinets contain a wide variety of objects to choose from, and here are a few examples:

Mid-century Scandinavian jewellery from dealer Sandy Stanley:

Indian jewellery and artifacts from dealer Dave Edmonds:

American barware and jewellery, bakelite telephones and other bits:

Next week we are expecting a new dealer to arrive with some fantastic antique glassware, so watch this space!

For those of you who made it to the Urban Art Show at The Old Cinema in 2008, you may remember Ben Allen's artwork displayed on the walls. We currently have more of Ben's artwork in the shop, and here are two of my favorite pieces:

 'Love Toy'
 Edition of 100 only.

'The Words We Leave In The Air'
Limited Edition of 150.

See you in the shop.


Regular visitors will know that we are big fans of upcycled furniture.  So we are very happy to announce the arrival of our latest new dealer Anna Rimoldi.  Anna, 31,  has been a fashion designer for the past 7 years and is now turning her creativity to furniture.  Upcycling furniture can involve using an object for another purpose or restyling a classic item to produce something truly individual and unique.

This Mad Men style Drinks Cabinet has been hand repainted and is the first in a series of upcycled furniture on her stand, as well as other vintage pieces. Be sure to have a look!

I currently have my nose stuck in a massive book, Art Deco Complete, by Alistair Duncan. I find this book very hard to put down! I have chosen two original Art Deco pieces in the shop that I would love to have:

This original 1930's complete tea set was designed by Edna Best and sold exclusively at Lawley's on Regent Street. Each piece is hand painted and a set like this is very rare and hard to find today.

This 1930's ebonised armchair is slightly reclined, heavily sprung and very comfortable to sit in. Czechoslovakian Jindrich Halabala designed this quite rare chair and many others for the Deco mass market. This is the second pair we have had in the shop by him and it will not stay here very long!

See you in the shop,


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