Define Choice Theatre Company will perform Guns, Love, and Chemistry at our annual Late Night Shopping event on Thursday 6th December.  Based on 3 short stories by Anton Chekhov, the play brings to life the absurd and dark side of the great Russian dramatist.  To book tickets visit
We will be serving complimentary drinks from 6pm until close at 9:30pm.  The performance starts at 7:30pm.

We would love to see you there! xxx

Or just send SMS.  Check out these large colourful back lit industrial letters, for when you really need to get your message across!  These letters measure 92cm high and can be bought individually for £225 or the set for £650.

We have lots of amazing vintage glassware for all those drinks parties next month! Whatever drinks you're serving we have the glasses to match, come and check them out this weekend.

The Old Cinema would like to welcome new dealer Annabel Cassidy of Interior Eden. Annabel's amazing 1950's polished steel French display case is packed with equally stunning objects that would make a magpie jealous. There is an impressive selection of glassware, metalware and earthenware of French, Austrian and English origin that date from the 1930s to the late 1960s with new stock arriving frequently. Annabel's cabinet is located on the ground floor in the display cabinet room.

Our latest American shipment has arrived and is full of the usual goodies you'd expect from across the pond.
There is a massive collection of industrial desk chairs, hundreds of cocktail glasses and classic American vintage kitsch - including the increasingly rare Coke signs and some nice letters!
Expect many items to hit the shop floor as we draw ever closer to Christmas, only 54 more days to go!

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