American Invasion!

Greetings all! It appears Christmas has come early for all of you, as we received all of our new goods from America today... a whole containers worth (It seems Im not the only piece of genuine Americana around here anymore) Now dont get too antsy, form an orderly queue, theres plenty to go around, but when its gone... its gone for good! While most of the pieces need to be tidied up and made ready to be sold to all of you (and maybe for me too!), i'll tell you now to pop in sooner than later as there are some real gems ready to go right now.

Heres a little taster of what Santa brought this October:

And theres plenty more to be unpacked!

There will be plenty of American goodies floating through the shop for a good while now, so if theres something you are particularly interested in, add yourself to the wishlist on the main website, or leave a comment and Ill see what I can do for ya.

See you in the shop,



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