There was a time when flight was incredible to us. Aviation was exciting and the ideas of flying around the world to exotic places in chic airliners was massively appealing. Lets face it, flight was sexy.

But over the years, technolgies changed, ( for the better, Im not sure, but I'm not much of a realist when it comes to class and style of objects anyway), so alot of the great airliners line Braniff and Pan Am went the way of the airline junkyard.

Luckily for you, The Old Cinema has brought the work Stephen Burrows on board. Stephen is pulling the golden age of flight from the history books and into your very own home by taking parts from disused airliners, buses and submarines and bringing them back to life in new and innovative ways. He creates sidetables, mirrors, lighting and furniture out of these machines, not to mention he carries vintage studio lighting as well. The following photos are just a small example of what he has in the shop. Its affordable too, with prices ranging as low as £150 up to £2400, theres something for everybody. Soak in the following photos, then come have a browse on the 1st floor for yourself.

A special thank you to the Google Life Archives and Flickr user dimsumranch for the stock photos. Photos of Stephens goods taken by Yours Truly.

See you in the shop,



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