We've been moving around again this week!  There is now a section only for display cabinets on the ground floor, with more to be added in the following weeks.

The cabinets contain a wide variety of objects to choose from, and here are a few examples:

Mid-century Scandinavian jewellery from dealer Sandy Stanley:

Indian jewellery and artifacts from dealer Dave Edmonds:

American barware and jewellery, bakelite telephones and other bits:

Next week we are expecting a new dealer to arrive with some fantastic antique glassware, so watch this space!

For those of you who made it to the Urban Art Show at The Old Cinema in 2008, you may remember Ben Allen's artwork displayed on the walls. We currently have more of Ben's artwork in the shop, and here are two of my favorite pieces:

 'Love Toy'
 Edition of 100 only.

'The Words We Leave In The Air'
Limited Edition of 150.

See you in the shop.



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