The Old Cinema is proud to welcome new dealer Alice Clarke! Alice is our youngest dealer in the shop at 22, but she knows how to spot and restore a good piece of furniture. She spent the past four years learning traditional furniture restoration at college and restores everything herself. It's no easy task as Alice explains, 'Patience is a virtue when it comes to these skills and many of them are dying crafts, such as French polishing and traditional upholstery. '

Alice views buying antique instead of modern is an investment that is both stylish and green:
'In a world where everything feels increasingly disposable, vintage furniture can offer value for money and quality. If something has lasted even fifty years, chances are it still has a lot of life in it!'

Alice goes for a 'style that is of mixed textures. Stripped metal against smooth wood, peeling paint with polished surfaces. I buy pieces that I would like to live with in my own home, which have a practical use.'

Alice's space is located at the back of the ground floor near the large wood doors. She will be bringing up new stock again on Wednesday the 26th, so be on the look out!


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