These wall sculptures are created by artist Andrew Murray and have been made from found Industrial Wooden Forms dating back to the 1930's and 40's, mixed with a variety of materials to make a three dimensonal collage. Andrew describes the works as "a combination of the original form with added decoration in a variety of media".


Andrew is one of our resident dealers and has been involved with The Old Cinema in one way or another for over 7 years now. He mainly deals with Collectables and those of you who frequent the shop have probably had a good old chat with him during one of your visits! In the 1960's he spent 3 years at Art College and has been actively producing his own art work ever since, dealing mainly with Graphic Design and Abstract Art. 

Andrew has always been especially interested in the grouping of items and various different forms of collage. This passion is what inspired the pieces we have in the shop at the moment as Andrew says he always sees potential in something that is generally viewed as having no further uses.

The titles of each wall sculpture may sound strange but it is actually taken from the original coding found on the templates as you can see below.

Next time you're in the shop have a look at these great pieces of art or you can check them out HERE on our website!

-Sofie x


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