Hello again! I hope youre settled in with a nice cuppa' something hot and ready for a new blog from your local Yankee, and as always, its a solid one. Much to talk about, so lets get on with it!

     Its cold, its February, and that greeting card holiday is once again upon us: Valentines Day.  Whether you are single, dating, chained down, or in one heck of a complicated mess, we all get sucked in to V-Day and its crappy chocolates and overpriced roses, and I have to say it was much better when I was younger. I used to go to school, make a paper envelope for the side of my desk and get Mickey Mouse valentines day cards and free sweets... er... candy dropped in the envelope, no strings attached (except that 3 day relationship with Kim in the 4th grade, that was ROUGH going). These days I like to keep it mellow with some Chinese takeaway and a good episode of Mad Men (please tell me you've seen every episode, if not get on it quick).

     However, if you like to be a grand Romeo to your Juliet, the Old Cinema has got you covered like a duck down duvet. If you subscribe to our weekly updates, you have seen the wonderous items we have for Valentines day, and Ive got some to share myself.

     First of all, we've got the 'LOL' letters up on the first floor. Taken from a giant sign that definitely did not spell out 'LOL' in France, one of our dealers has acquired them and had them rewired with new parts. Each one is about a metre tall and would look great up on your wall when you shower the one you care about most with Lots Of Love. Aww.

    On the more delicate (and time consuming!) end of things, we have approximately 5 artworks in the shop by local artist Kim Clayton Jones. Each one is based around the theme of love and hearts while remaining thoroughly classy and elegant. These are all limited editions, and cut entirely by hand. Have a look at the detail on them!








Whilst Im on the subject of art, The Old Cinema will be hosting an exhibition of the artwork of Suz Hartman, scheduled to take place in the spring. I will keep you posted regarding further updates as they allow, in the meantime have a look at her artwork at her website:


Hope to see you in the shop soon (no doubt at 5:30pm on the 13th... kidding)! 

-Yankee Adam


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