The Wishlist.

Yes, we have one! Im sure alot of you didnt know this, but then again alot of you probably did (if not, its at the bottom of our website, next door neighbors with 'Press' and 'Feed', and can be found by clicking here). Wishlists are a tricky one on the vast Interweb; a great deal of sites have wishlists and never actually get around to responding to those looking  items, even when they become available. Not so with us at the Old Cinema! We check the wishlist daily, and the dealers in the shop check regularly as well in case they get that very item you are after.Unless someone stops in the shop and buys something that has barely touched the shop floor, people on the wishlist always get contacted first. Good news huh?

'But Adam,' I hear you cry, 'Ive been waiting for that -insert item here- for 6 months, and nobody has replied yet! Whats that all about?!?'

To be honest, chances are we wont find it.

We get about 10-20 requests per week and we DO read and research all of them. Sometimes it will take a couple of days to find it, sometimes a couple of months. However, it should be noted that there is no magic genie at the end of the wishlist. We won't always be able to find that 24 drawer haberdashers cabinet in black with a Banksy artwork on the side, or a desk that needs to be exactly 98.76435mm wide, in burr walnut.

Other wishes like 'painted furniture' are impossible to respond to since we carry so much of it. Better to come in the shop and browse, or have a chat with me or one of the other pros, Will or Paul. We can get custom painted furniture made up for you!We occassionally get designer original furniture in too, but the rarer it is, the longer you may end up waiting.

There are more easily sourced items than others, and Ive made a brief list of those things (however, this list is not exhaustive). We are able to find these pretty regularly and are worth asking for on the wishlist (but by all means, do not limit yourself to these things!):

Haberdashers cabinets/Shopfitters Cabinets:
Everyone asks for these, and sell at least one or two a month. They are in the shop quite regularly and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Polished Steel Desks/Storage Units:
Again, there is almost always at least one in the shop. We can help find a single or twin pedestal, steel top or leather/lino top. Wishlist that bad boy.

A regular feature in our shop, currently. A word of warning though, Ercol is getting rarer since the Japanese are buying it up in container loads. Still worth asking about that room divider or drop leaf table.

Leather Club Chairs: 
If you are looking for an original 1940s French job, get in touch! A standard feature in the shop, we can find them in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. If you are looking for reproduction, we can get those too. 

American Goods: 
The best time to look is at the end of May, and the end of September. Thats when the head honcho returns from the other side of the pond with heaps of treats to dig through.

G-Plan/Danish 60s-70s:
This furniture is easily sourced and I can almost guarantee you that we will have that 70s McIntosh sideboard you were after. If not, the wait time to get one currently is short. 

Be realistic about what you are searching for, and chances are, we will come up trumps for you.


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