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Hello Everyone,

I have safely returned from Detroit after a relaxing holiday with my family. Until last month, it was almost two years since I saw them! The good news is that the city is really beginning to develope in a positive way. Those of you who enjoy our industrial furniture would probably love to live in one of the many factories they are converting into killer loft space!

The latest issue of Heat magazine has a feature spread with BBC Radio 1s' Fearne Cotton. Check it out!

Some changes to the shops' interior have also taken place while I was away. A wall has come down on the ground floor, making the space more airy and open. One of our dealers, Mark, has moved his gear to the first floor to make way for some other dealers who will be expanding their space in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout!

Of course, this 1940's French Sofa has to be the item of the week! It would be amazing as just a sofa, but this one is much more than that! I highly doubt it will last long on the shop floor.

Paul Enjoys the comfy bed with built in pillows.

Just as a reminder, the American shipment is due in about four weeks, so keep checking back. Rumor has it that the guys are heading back in July to hunt for more goods as well, but in the meantime, the shop is full once again of killer items, so after your ice cream at Foubert's, pop in for a visit (and yes, you can bring that ice cream in the shop with you)!




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