Over the past couple of years our upcycled furniture has become increasingly popular and in response we have been searching for more upcyclers and their products to bring to The Old Cinema.  We have now launched Upcycled.co.uk, which features products and ideas sent to us from all over Europe via Twitter and Facebook.  We will collaborate with the best of these with the aim of offering a wide range of re-purposed products which are as environmentally friendly as they are aesthically beautiful!

Upcycled products are made from unwanted or scrap materials that have been restored or reinvented to create an object of greater worth.  This not only saves them from disposal but gives a new lease of life, often with a completely different function from their original use.  

We are inviting designers, artists, shops, and students to submit their details and images to info@upcycled.co.uk  Here are a couple of our recent favourites:

Bath Tub Chaise by reestore.com

Spiral sphere light by re-wire.nl

Table by lexpott.nl

Clutch handbag
Washstand by woodpop.co.uk

You can follow UpcycledUpdate on Twitter and find on Facebook

See you in the shop.


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