Or should I say silver? 

Although the chap above may disagree, it's as easy as ever to be green. I personally think the world has enough choice when it comes to being green. Some of it is absolute rubbish (energy saving light bulbs that make you look like a zombie and take 5 minutes to power up...anyone?) and some of it is entirely impractical:

However all is not lost. There is a way to be green and stylish in your home, and our shop is full of ways to do so. Although any vintage furniture can be considered green since you aren't buying a new piece, the industrial furniture we carry had a different purpose before being converted for home use. This is what we call upcycling! Somewhat ironic that they were originally used in factories producing new goods and materials. How about that? I would have to say my favorite things in the shop are all the metal bits we get in.

Right now the shop is fully stocked on desks, lockers, and really unique stuff such as an airplane body panel, a giant mirror, and even a rolling wardrobe that is lit from the inside!

A rare piece, this storage cabinet has glass sliding doors and plenty of shelf space. Beautiful and practical!

This plans unit turned chest of drawers has a white glass top. Another rare find that won't stay around for long.

A lot of people ask for lockers, and we have more than one set in right now. This one is perfect for dry goods, or shoe storage.

Your Prefrontal Cortex is telling you that this glass topped filer is just what you need to get organized this spring.

Super rare, this is actually an interior lit armoire with a hanging rail inside. I don't think we have ever had one of these before!

Now about that airplane body part and giant mirror... I decided that a photo won't do these justice, and they really need to be seen in the shop, which means you will have to stop by to see them and all of the brilliant pieces shown here!

See you in the shop,



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