The Untouchables.

Although most items here at The Old Cinema are easily accessible and can be handled, sat on and moved around, there are a few select items that sit behind glass, and for a good reason too. These are the small, often fragile, and always valuable items that often times go unnoticed unless separated out on their own. I chose a few items in the shop that regularly catch my eye and would happily sit in my own home if I ever saved my pennies long enough (vintage clothing tends to keep me on a tight lead)!

The first item is one that will be very recognizable to a lot of you. This 1950s Homemaker design by Ridgway, was sold at none other than Woolworths. It was a popular design and sold right into the early 1970s. Although the plates are popular, items such as the coffee pot are rarer to come across.

Im a sucker for anything Bauhaus. Walter Gropius is one of my heroes, and his school's aesthetic had a huge effect on style and design the world over (all three of the Bauhaus schools were shut by 1933 due to Nazi pressure, as Hitler hated the avant-garde). Heal's created this fantastic lamp that looks as though it were taken straight from Gerrit Rietveld's drawings:

You'll notice that the paint is chipped. If this lamp were repainted, its value would decrease by at least half of what it is worth now. We also have one in cherry red. £550 each.

Stepping backwards about 25 years, but still in Germany, we have this fantastic preserves jar made from pewter and glass, designed by Peter Behrens. Typically during this time, a lot of furniture was made from oak in the Arts and Crafts style, and you can see a little of that in this pot. However, Behrens founded the Werkbund, a collaborative effort with ten other artists. They created works that were very avant-garde, but with an arts and crafts feel. The photos speak for themselves:

And lastly, we have this chrome plated peanut. No makers label, but just incredible. It reminds me of something my grandmother had in her 1960s ranch back in Michigan. Id probably keep my guitar picks in it, or Tootsie-Roll minis.Mmmm!

And don't forget, we are hosting the artwork of Suz Hartman. Everyone is welcome to the private view on the 22nd of April, from 6-9pm. Come out and enjoy yourself!


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